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22 June 1971
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I'm just here to let others know I'm interested in their writings. My OTP is Remus Lupin and Severus Snape.

Well, I suppose I should update since it's been a year. I've just read a het pairing for my Sevie: Hermione. Written by Aussiemozzie, I'm starting to think I might read more of her stuff, as well as that pairing in general. After all, it's a lot closer to my fantasies than RL/SS!

Information about me can be found on MySpace. I've worked hard and perfected that profile, and I blog there quite a bit. I don't know that I'll write here so much, because I've got so many other outlets for writing as it is. It's really like a private diary.

I found this quiz on WesternRedCedar's info page. I thought it looked cool, so I took it too. My result:

Pirate Monkey's Harry Potter Personality Quiz
Harry Potter Personality Quiz
by Pirate Monkeys Inc.

No wonder I identify with Snape so much! :)
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