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Jean [userpic]

Friends Only

28th February 2015 (17:09)

This journal has been changed to Friends only.  Don't worry about missing out on anything interesting or important.  I hardly post, but for myself.  It's really my diary.  Friends will find only the last 6 months of postings available.  Everything else has been marked private.

To my friends: of course I'm still reading and lurking!  I usually spend my time at Moonshadow :)  Keep writing!  I'm reading!

Jean [userpic]

Public Service Announcement - Happy Happy, Joy Joy

27th January 2010 (12:26)

current mood: jubilant

No more trials and tribulations for me, my friends! Life is rosy, and I’m having fun trying to keep up! Goodness abounds, and I’m ready and armed with my butterfly net :)

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